Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I changed the title of the blog on a whim, inspired by a sleepless night. I was thinking about all of the funny, cute, challenging, learning-moment, confusing, or overwhelming things that happen every day and my unending need to write in some form or fashion and decided to come here.

The "heartburn" part of the title comes from the sleepless night, one of many that have been occurring recently. The "hedgehog" part comes from the most recent addition to our family and my nickname for Austin.

An inventory is in order...

One adult male: Austin. My hedgehog and the inspiration for both the pet and the blog.
One adult female: Gray. Me. A mother, fiancee, student, and so much more.
Three adolescents: Tabby, Jackson, and Chloe, in descending order of age. The two girls are my daughters, the boy is Austin's son.
Two dogs: One designer dog and one mutt. The mutt was acquired a few months ago from the shelter. We've had the designer dog for a little over a year.
One cat: The perfect cat. She loves me and loves to talk to me even though she is Austin's cat.
One hedgehog: A living embodiment of my nickname for Austin. Just joined the household this past weekend.

Austin and I are ever so slightly kinky, when time and family obligations permit. We dabble with a form of Head of Household dynamic that more often than not falls flat on its face. We continue to move forward but are never quite sure where we are or where we're going.

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